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Where, when did our journey begin? It started in April 2012; i was a self-employed plasterer at the time. I have always taken pride in how I look, what I wear. As work was rather quiet decided to have a go at designing t-shirts. One evening whilst sat in front of the television I began playing around on Photoshop and somehow designed the original crown and bow tie logo. I questioned? I wonder what this willlook like on a t-shirt. Alongside that it was clear I needed a brand name. From a young age I enjoyed ‘scribbling’, because of my interest in art my nickname has always been ‘scribbler’. I telephoned my brother and asked him what he thought. He said, whatabout ‘SCRIBBLERS TEE ROOM’-my response ‘that’s it’, it went from there. I asked a local printing company to put the logo on to a t-shirt for me and then a week later advertised it on Facebook. I could not believe the reaction.

It was then I realised that the brand could be something of the future.

The Business is now a family brand.

We love, breath and live for Scribblers.

Be a part of our journey and remember #theskysthelimit

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